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Check out Derick’s FULL EXPERIENCE as he shares his milestone with the LA Lakers, Cleveland Cavaliers, Staples Center and ESPN SportsCenter!

Derick takes you behind the scenes and shares his FULL milestone experience as he performs the National Anthem for the LA Lakers & Cleveland Cavaliers at Staples Center in front…

I DID IT! I made it on ESPN SportsCenter!

It was my ultimate dream of becoming a professional athlete and making it on ESPN’s SportsCenter…but God had better plans. I finally made it…but with the ukulele instead! Now THIS…is…

It was INCREDIBLE…making history with the LA LAKERS!

This was one of the greatest experience in my musical journey as I performed the National Anthem in LA at Staples Center for the LA Lakers and Cleveland Cavaliers game…

Mahalo Finland and Estonia!

I am truly blessed to travel the world and share this God given gift…I am forever grateful, THANK YOU Finland and Estonia!

ENCORE! Derick with his Ukulele, LA Lakers vs Cleveland Cavaliers, at Staples Center!

A wise man always told me, “If you believe, deep down inside…you can do anything, if you make up your mind.” It’s been 22 years since I’ve started playing the…

Derick Will Perform The National Anthem for the Los Angeles Lakers!

It is OFFICIAL and CONFIRMED! I will be performing the National Anthem for the Los Angeles Lakers Pre-Season Game against the Utah Jazz! It’ll all be happening here in Hawaii,…


  • 18
    Haiku, Maui
    Private Event, 4-6PM
  • 20
    Wailea, Maui
    Private Event, 2-3PM
  • 20
    Honolulu, Oahu
    Private Event, 10-11AM

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