There once was a 3-year old little boy from the beautiful island of Maui who lost his dad in a tragic industrial accident. He spent his years growing up searching for answers and trying to fill a void. Despite of his life’s circumstances, he always kept believing, trusting and never gave up. He later found this humble instrument called the ukulele, or by fate, maybe the ukulele found him.


Aloha! My name is Derick Sebastian and that little boy was me. I’m now 37-years young and still saying yes to this purpose driven mission to share love, gratitude and inspire the world through the ukulele.




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Born on January 29, 1982, my early years growing up were fairytale perfect. Although my family did not have much, we were happy and content – we simply felt blessed to have each other. I was the youngest of four siblings, which meant getting away with a lot of things and receiving almost anything I asked for. My most memorable recalls were those nights I was allowed to stay up late, sitting patiently in front of the big...


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