My Early Musician Days: A Remarkable Journey of Musical Excellence

Aloha! I’m Derick Sebastian, a Maui-born who found his calling at the age of eleven with a ukulele in my hands. This humble instrument was not just a tool, but a gateway to hope, excitement, and grand dreams. My journey in music began there, weaving through a path of unwavering faith and relentless hard work. In those early days, I emerged as an internationally acclaimed ukulele virtuoso, capturing hearts worldwide. My instrumental piece, 'From His Heart,' even earned a Na Hoku Hanohano 2010 nomination, marking the onset of a career filled with accolades and awe-inspiring performances.

I had the honor of sharing stages with some of the brightest stars in the industry. I performed alongside Jason Mraz, resonated with the harmonious sounds of Raining Jane, and felt the powerful presence of Trombone Shorty. Collaborating with legendary Christian artists like Michael W. Smith, Natalie Grant, and Bernie Herms was a dream come true. I cherished moments with country music icons like Lukas Nelson, Lily Meola, Chris Young, and Sara Evans, making my early years unforgettable.
The ukulele world embraced me warmly, leading to collaborations with the likes of Jake Shimabukuro. I also shared cherished moments with R&B sensations like Boyz II Men and Brian McKnight. Even Oprah Winfrey sought a private performance and ukulele lesson! 
My journey took me to iconic venues like Crypto Arena, Dodger Stadium, Chase Field, Oracle Park, T-Mobile Park, Sloan Park, Peoria Sports Complex, Salt River Field, and to prestigious events such as TEDx Santa Cruz. My music found a special place in PIXAR Animation Studios, on ABC's 'Grey's Anatomy,' and in the realms of MLB, NBA, PGA, NCAA, ESPN, and EA SPORTS. Those early days were a mesmerizing part of my life, where every strum on my ukulele was a step towards a legacy of musical excellence.

The Present: Sharing the Spirit of Aloha

Now, as a cultural practitioner, I am dedicated to sharing the true spirit of Aloha, intertwined with my musical talents. I teach private ukulele lessons at the stunning Andaz Maui at Wailea, bringing a unique essence to private and destination events. In a heartwarming turn, I've also become a wedding virtuoso. I spread the Language of Love in dual roles as a wedding officiant and musician, adding a special touch to these beautiful occasions.

My musical journey has recently taken an exciting twist. I've ventured into new territories of songwriting, composing, and producing music for Film, TV, Advertisements, and Media. My ukulele releases are gaining momentum, leading to opportunities like composing for global campaigns by brands like ROXY and Hyatt. I've signed deals with major music libraries such as Warner Chappell PM, Sky Urbano, and Atrium Music. Furthermore, I've founded my own publishing company, 'Sounds of Sebastian Publishing,' a significant step in my evolving musical career.

The Future: Embracing New Adventures

My life’s adventure is a testament to dedication and the incredible power of dreams. I don't just stop at realizing my own dreams—I'm genuinely enthusiastic about helping others achieve theirs. With a heart dedicated to making a meaningful difference in people's lives, I warmly invite you to join me on this exciting new chapter as a creative entrepreneur and thought leader. I'm eager to share my life journey, knowledge, creativity, and passion for music, all while nurturing self-empowerment in uniquely fresh and inspiring ways. Get ready for an incredible new phase in my journey as an aspiring author!

Let me ask you:

  • Are there dreams or passions in your life that you've struggled to pursue, and what has held you back from dedicating yourself to them fully?

  • Have you ever faced challenges in building meaningful relationships, and how have they impacted your personal or professional journey? What would you like to improve in this aspect of your life?

  • Have you ever felt stuck or hesitant when embracing new experiences or navigating uncharted paths? What specific areas of your life do you feel could benefit from more courage and exploration?
In my newest role as a creative online entrepreneur and thought leader, I'm excited to serve you, my audience, by sharing my knowledge, creativity, and passion for music.

With a heart dedicated to making a difference in your life, I invite you to join me on this exciting new chapter, where the spotlight is on you.
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