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Are you ready to discover clarity and purpose in your life's journey?

The 5 Step 'Finding You' Framework is the key to your self-discovery.


Aloha! I'm Derick Sebastian, just a small town local boy from the beautiful island of Maui, Hawaii. For over three decades, I've been on an incredible creative journey that began with the comforting strums of my ukulele and has since taken me to stages and platforms around the globe beyond my wildest dreams. This path transcended a personal pursuit, evolving into a deeper calling that guided me to share the joy and spirit of music with the world.

In this ever-evolving adventure, I've discovered a profound purpose in spreading the Aloha spirit, a task I embrace with love through teaching the ukulele. This journey has led me into the beautiful world of weddings, where I blend my musical gifts with the rewarding role of a wedding officiant. Beyond this, I've ventured into songwriting, composing, and producing music for Film, TV, Advertisements, and Media. Every step of this journey has been a humble embrace of new creative avenues, allowing me to express my heart's melodies in diverse and impactful ways, and still staying true to my roots and the essence of Aloha.


But my story isn't just a tale of achievements and successes; it's deeply rooted in the same challenges and fears that you might be facing. I've grappled with the daunting nature of pursuing dreams that seemed too big, and at times, I've felt scared to step out and build new relationships. As a creative entrepreneur, I frequently encounter struggles of imposter syndrome, along with feelings of being stuck or frustrated, as I navigate the complex ups and downs of my creative journey. These experiences have not only humbled me but also strengthened my resolve to help others like you. As we explore these vital questions together, remember that I'm not just a guide, but a fellow traveler on this path of self-discovery and empowerment.


  • Are there dreams or passions in your life that you've struggled to pursue? What's holding you back from fully dedicating yourself to them?

  • Do you have challenges in building meaningful relationships? How have these experiences impacted your personal or professional life, and what improvements do you seek?

  • Do you feel stuck or hesitant in embracing new experiences or navigating uncharted paths? Which areas of your life could benefit from more courage and exploration?

In my latest role, I'm not only thrilled to lead and inspire you, but also to share the lessons learned from my own vulnerabilities. With a heart committed to making a real difference in your life, I humbly invite you to join me in this new, exciting chapter, where together, we will focus on your dreams, your challenges, and your incredible potential.

Begin your journey of self-discovery now with the 'Believe, Achieve & Succeed: The 5 Step 'Finding You' Framework.' This concise guide is your key to unlocking potential and embracing growth. Download it today and take the first step towards a fulfilling, empowered future!


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 I'm Derick Sebastian, and what an honor it would be to Minister your forthcoming unification of Faith, Love & Aloha Spirit. I sincerely thank you for considering my special services, as I humbly know, it's a privilege and blessing to share my "Language of Love" ceremony through WORD & MUSIC.

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