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Here's to our 2021!

You’re right here, right now.

I’m sure you and I can relate 2020 was a year to remember…Covid-19 pandemic, no work, no school, no sports, no gatherings, no handshakes, high-fives or hugs, social distancing, social unrest, protests and wildfires everywhere, tension between countries, divided hearts and minds, president election and political dramas, health and financial crisis, death of loved ones near and far, scared, stressed, depressed, confused and every emotion in between…and the list goes on and on and on.

What the heck was this all about?

At the beginning, I was guilty of playing the “victim” asking questions like “why me?” or “why now?”…”what’s going on?” My world was crumbled with worries and uncertainty. I felt so much in doubt, but I knew I had to find a way to win.

I was humbled and it took courage to be vulnerable. I went back to being a daily student (literally) reading, listening and learning everything and anything I could to grow and hold myself accountable. I reached out for support and was encouraged as I found answers along the way. I was being re-shaped, preparing to be prepared…it was extremely uncomfortable, but in so many ways it was one of my best years ever.

As Julia Cameron once said, “Life is all about finding your river and saying 'yes' to its flow, rapids and all.”

Each and everyone of us is going through our very own storm, and I realize the organic medicine to all of this is to humbly speak your heart…which is the only way we can come together and move forward. Everything in this entire world is temporary except one thing, relationships. Despite of our differences in culture and beliefs…at the end of the day, we’re still human beings and our life’s mission is to simply help one another walk home. With love, respect and humility…Relationships are forever.

I challenge you to be the light in darkness. Don’t just be alive…you need to live! Embrace and accept your gift, respond to your purpose and fight to win everyday because tomorrow is a promise to nobody. Your true success happens outside of your comfort circle.

I thank you once again from the bottom of my heart…because of you, I am here today.

All my love to you and yours…here’s to a prosperous 2021!

Aloha, God Bless and Happy New Year! DS

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