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2020...I just needed to win.

In life, success happens outside of your comfort circle...and I’m not talking about fame or fortune, I’m talking about putting your mind to something and making it happen.

Nine months ago, I got knocked down upside my head due to the COVID pandemic but deep down inside, I knew it was a opportunity to pivot and I needed to win. Primarily as a performing ukulele artist, this was uncomfortable, a grind and there were numerous times I just wanted to give up. But I needed to I embraced it all.

Today marks one of my personal and biggest accomplishment as I release my first ever singer-songwriter EP project on all digital download and streamable platforms.

Why does this means so much to me? Because I fully understand the gift that I’m blessed with and it’s my responsibility for me to not stand on and keep, but to share, love and inspire others.

This project is my entire heart and soul through lyrics and please stream, download or buy it, and if you can’t afford it, then steal it! SERIOUSLY, you’ve got my blessings...this project is meant to be shared. THANK YOU so much for your unconditional love and support, it truly means the world!🙏🏽❤️🤙🏽💯

To check out my new singer-songwriter EP project release, CLICK HERE!

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