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We Finally Did It!

This speaks more than a million words to me. Ever since I’ve made the commitment to my art of music back in August 2006, I knew deep down inside that I was heading on a journey in uncharted waters and it wasn’t going to be easy, especially the sacrifice on my wife and kids. It was a calling that I needed to respond to. I didn’t know exactly what it was, but I knew that somehow someway, I needed to share my message through the ukulele. Beyond my wildest dreams, this humble instrument took me around the world throughout the US, Australia, Thailand, Philippines, Korea, China, Germany, Finland, Estonia, and even connected my childhood dream to the MLB, but still I felt something was yet to be came full circle. I had the honor to perform my 3rd National Anthem in Arizona at Chase Field for the Diamondbacks and Cubs, and it was truly the BEST to share this entire experience with my 3 sons, who now dreams of one day making it to the Big Leagues. To share their excitement of being escorted and able to step on the field, next to the players, going through restricted areas, tunnels, batting cages and everything else, it was beyond priceless! My dream was to experience a moment like this together with my boys, it took nearly 8 years to make this happen, but we finally did it! Yes, I encourage you to keep going, keep showing up, and never give up on your dreams because it’s never too late. The truth is, if you feel that you are being called to do something, it usually means, that its what you supposed to be doing...what you are longing for is usually what’s longing for you. You’re a gift, you’re a miracle…and the world is waiting for you. Thank you to my wife, Raymi, for being the glue and anchor of it all…I love you!

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