Derick Sebastian’s musical travels and mastery of the ukulele of 16 years, now brings him to the release of an “instrumental” ukulele CD. His masterful compositions and soulful selections make this CD both awesome and inspiring! The artistry and skill on ukulele is second to none, with his unique and personal style of picking, while displaying emotion that transcends from this beautiful instrument. Derick exudes every bit of passion in his ukulele mastery and will no doubt engage each listener. His music is bold at times with crisp staccato, while other times slowing down the tempo to a de-crescendo that emotes sensitivity while conveying a tender moment. It is time to embrace Derick, sit back and listen to an ukulele virtuoso with God-given talent. As he has done in the past, Derick has given of his time to produce this special CD that will turn the ears of ukulele enthusiasts the world over. From his humble beginnings, Derick should prove to many that this “quiet thunder” has arrived.

From His Heart


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